537 - Selling company providing digitalization of bookings

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The company provides a digital platform that

  1. allows external users to book working spaces, coworking spaces and meeting rooms via digital payments.
  2. allows working space managers to save time and money on booking management.

Some data:

  • Presence on social media (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) = around 2000 people ;
  • Contacts already present in the website: 630 
  • Site members : 340 
  • SEO : first page of  Google results (managed thanks to a big work done with a marketing agency) 
  • Collaboration with a fiduciaire (commission upon services sold)
  • More than 10 spaces and 25 meeting rooms listed
  • Extremely low fixed costs (+/- 400 €/month: address + website + fiduciaire)

The business model is today based on revenues sharing on each booking, exactly as companies as Airbnb work.  

The model is fully scalable (to EU and beyond), very easily. The digital platform is fully functional

Among other functionalities, the platform has: 

  • hybrid working solutions : packages of coupons sellable to big companies wishing to get accesses for their employees (particularly interesting for the issue of frontaliers); 
  • CO2 calculator: calculator that allow users and company to check how much CO2 is saved if an employee reaches a coworking space at the border instead of reaching the city center. 
  • White labeling functionalities.